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Looking After  Your Pet’s Health

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Campton Animal Clinic Veterinarian Campton Hills, IL St Charles, Wasco, Illinois, 60175. Animal Clinic

Dental Care:  Providing adequate dental care is about more than just cleaning and pulling teeth.  In addition to routine dental care we have the ability to take radiographs and get a complete picture of oral health.  Believe it or not, most clinics do not provide this invaluable service.    more....

Safe Gentle Anesthesia:  We adjust our anesthetic protocol to each patient in order to provide for the best outcome.

Pain relief for all surgical patients:  Pets may not always show they are in pain, but it is present even after what may be considered a relatively minor procedure.  We make every effort to keep your loved one comfortable.

Geriatric counseling :  Older patients, just like elder versions of ourselves, often need additional care.  We recommend more frequent examinations for these patients in addition to monitoring lab work, blood pressure and other parameters as determined to be most beneficial to any given pets needs.   

Full service soft tissue

   and orthopedic surgery:

We have expertise in managing many different surgical cases, including ruptured cranial cruciate ligament repair (knee) , patella surgery and fracture repair.

Laser Surgery:  The laser scalpel cauterizes blood vessels and seals nerve endings to allow for  decreased pain to the patient.  The end result is a more comfortable patient and better wound healing.  more...

Ferrets, rabbits and small mammals: We give routine advice and medical care to the smaller  species as well.  

Health Certificates:  Whether you live in St. Charles, Wasco or Campton Hills, if you travel to other parts of the country, especially by plane you will likely need a health certificate.

Individualized vaccine protocols:  Not every patient has the same life style. Exposure varies for every patient and thus require different vaccines.  

Boarding and bathing:  We offer boarding to our clients.  Pet receive lots of attention and get multiple walks during the day.  We charge by the night which is more economical than charging by the day and administration of routine medications is included.

Ultrasound:  With the aid of diagnostic ultrasound we are able to work-up, diagnose and provide better care for our patients.  Ultrasound is a non-invasive imaging device that gives additional information that can not be gained from a radiograph alone.   

Allergy testing and Allergic pet care:  Allergies are unfortunately a common ailment for many pets.  Getting a complete history and offering a multifaceted treatment approach is essential to caring for these pets.  Testing for various allergens and subsequent therapy is one mode.

Microchip Identification:  Microchips allow anyone who finds a lost pet a much better chance of finding their owner.   Over 90% of lost pets that do not have a microchip are not reunited with their families.

Chemotherapy:  Unfortunately, cancer is also an issue in our pet companions.  We provide basic chemotherapy treatment for our patients in an attempt to improve their quality and duration of life.

Full service medical diagnostic capability: Campton Animal Clinic is a full service hospital allowing for complete diagnostic work-ups on complicated cases. Radiographs, ultrasound and an in-house laboratory are available to assist in managing our cases.  We manage case from chronic renal failure to liver failure.