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for more information on laser surgery options for your pet.



 The Principal Advantages of Laser Surgery:

 - Less pain

- Less bleeding

- Less swelling

- Quicker recovery


About the Laser:

The energy from CO2 lasers instantly vaporizes the intracellular water, ablating

the cells, while leaving the surrounding tissue virtually unaffected. 


This action makes the Luxar Superpulse CO2 Laser the best choice for general

soft tissue surgery by producing the following benefits:



Laser energy seals small blood vessels as it cuts.  Not only does the hemostatic

cutting benefit the patient, it provides a clear, dry surgical field for the surgeon. 

Without bleeders continually obstructing the field, the overall procedure time may

be decreased, and the visualization of the anatomy is unsurpassed.


Decreased Post-Op Pain

CO2 laser energy seals nerve endings.  Without a “raw” severed end, the

patient feels less post-operative pain.


Decreased Swelling

CO2 laser energy seals lymphatic vessels.  Additionally, with non- contact delivery,

there is no bruising or tearing of tissue.  This reduced tissue trauma minimizes

inflammatory responses, reducing swelling.


Quicker Recovery

Decreased bleeding, swelling and pain means the patient can return to normal

activity and the home environment faster.